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Contributing to Open Source Projects on GitHub

Brian Dukes Engage


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Open Source is Cool

Collaboration – Submitting Issues

Collaboration – Submitting Bugs

Collaboration – JIRA (DNN)

Collaboration – Submitting Patches

Collaboration – Create Alternatives

Source Control

Source Control – Git

Source Control – Workflow

  1. Get latest
    • git fetch --all; git merge repo/branch
  2. Branch
    • git checkout -b DNN-12345678
  3. ????
  4. Verify change(s)
    • git status
    • git difftool
  5. Commit change(s)
    • git add -A; git commit
  6. Publish change(s)
    • git push -u origin DNN-12345678
    • Submit pull request from
  7. Revert to latest
    • git checkout development


Wrap Up

More Info

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